EarthView for Windows

A strong pc decor and display saving program called Earthview shows stunning images of the universe in both daytime and nighttime darkness. Actually at a compromise greater than 2560×1600, it creates pictures that are vibrant, high-quality, and high magnification.

All view criteria can be completely customized using a variety of options. Beginning at a resolution of 10 km, it supports five different stunning maps of the earth. At 100 % soar degree, this translates to 10 meters on Earth for every sensor on your filter.

Included are the following key characteristics:

  1. observe of the universe in great details.
  2. Observe during the day and event.
  3. benefits of the atmosphere.
  4. City lamps and metropolitan spots.
  5. Clouds( present swarm data downloaded over the internet ).
  6. information on the weather’s’s temps, damp, nothingness, difficulty, etc. .).
  7. assistance for many monitors
  8. guidance for 10 Windows


Maps and globe views, urban settings, city lights, atmospheric effects, clouds, climate data, national occasion displays, and much more are supported by the application. Additionally, Earthview supports various maps that depict the earth’s’s surface in various methods, such as seasonal change in foliage, snowfall, and ocean snow.



For Skylights, Earthview 7.4.1
  1. Windows 8, etc.
  2. Windows 7, etc.
  3. , Windows Vista
  4. Skylights 10,
Languages that are spoken:
  1. English,
  2. German
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