▲ to observeExaminaba con mucha atención todos sus movimientos.He observed all his movements closely. ° examinarse to be examined, take examinationTendrán que examinarse de español e inglés.They’ll should take examinations in Spanish and English. Tendrá que pagar a la entrega del paquete.You’ll have to pay for the package deal on supply. Enloquecer [-zc-] to become insaneA consecuencia del golpe enloqueció.As a result of the blow he turned insane. ▲ to drive crazyEste trabajo me está enloqueciendo.This work’s driving me crazy.

° en orden in orderTodo estaba en orden.Everything was so as. ° orden del día agenda, order https://politicsofpromotionbook.com/wp-content/thesis/skins/mobile-first/images/sample_chapter.pdf of the day. Ocasión chance, opportunityAquí puede tener ocasión de encontrar trabajo.You could have a chance of finding work right here. ▲ time, occasionNo es esta la mejor ocasión para preguntárselo.This is not one of the best time to ask him about it.

He hath gathered the tithe of Garlick, viz. Who will stay in well being, let him eat little at dinner, and fewer at supper. Be more careful with whom you eat and drink, then what you eat and drink. That which the sober man retains in his ideas, the drunkard hath in his mouth. One egg is as nothing, two doe much good, three is sufficient, four are too many, 5 bring dying. If thou wilt be quickly fat, eat with hunger, and drink slowly, and at leisure.

No doubt, Miranda inserted “lai-le-lo-lai” in the lyrics as a nod to traditional Puerto Rican music. Over time, this multipurpose refrain has found use as a song title, the name of a kind of Christmas music, and as a scat in plenty of songs. Like the musical, the 2021 film adaptation of In the Heightsis filled with the sounds of Miranda’s block, including the unique mix of English and Spanish spoken by its residents. Powerlessness is a theme centric to the story from beginning to end. So this is just my opinion, however for a film or musical, an excellent song has a transparent message and narrative function. Be it to clarify a characters intent or mind-set, or to unveil a selected plot twist or something of the sorts.

He is extra sensile of ill, who hath felt none before. The French King was prisoner in England, for whose ransome an enduring contribution was laid upon the individuals. The frisking of a Dog, and love of a Punk, doth not final except you feed them. Old wine, an old pal, and old gold are beloved all over the place.

Weigh not what thou givest, however what’s given thee. A young Mayd married to an old Man is sort of a new house thatchd with old straw. That which is bred in the bone won’t ever out of the flesh. One should take no extra pitty on a girl weeping, then to see a Goose go barefoot. You are a right Englishman, you can’t inform when you’re nicely. A nice noise and little woll, quoth the Devil when he sheard the Hogg.

° en representación de representing, as a representative ofFué a México en representación de su país.He went to Mexico as his country’s consultant. Rentar to lease for¿Cuánto renta ese cuarto? ▲ to provide, yieldEstos valores rentarán mucho en el futuro.These stocks will yield an excellent deal in the future. Refrescar to coolHay que refrescar el agua.The water have to be cooled.

▲ to use, useExplotaba siempre a sus amigos.He was always using his associates. Exactitud accuracyEste trabajo está hecho con mucha exactitud.This work’s very accurately accomplished. ▲ punctualityLa exactitud es su cualidad característica.Punctuality is his distinguishing attribute. Esto thisEsto no lo entiendo.I do not understand this. ° en esto at this pointEn esto llegó él.At this level he arrived. En avión no podrá llevar mucho equipaje.If you go by aircraft you received’t have the flexibility to take a lot baggage.