RouterPassView for Windows

If a backup of the network configuration folders is stored on the computer, the lightweight, portable efficiency Routepassview can return” lost” usernames to those folders.

Routerpassview is transportable, so you can run it straight from a Usb drive on any desktop or by dropping the.exe document onto your hard get and clicking the start button.

The app’s’s user layout is a straightforward glass in the explorer style. By using the file computer or drag-and-drop, you is access the network construction document from there. The client, login, thing type, and user name are displayed in the provided list. When working with a lot of data, Routerpassview furthermore supports starting the network web layout and pulling usernames from Ie panels. Additionally, you may switch between table and text way( Ascii or hexa ) and copy merchandise to the clipboard.


Overall, Routerpassview is a very user-friendly, incredibly lightweight apps with an extremely small footmark. It has a strong effect time and can quickly remember passwords. It’s’s important to note that after removing Routerpassview, no files are stored on your hard drive and the Windows registry does not receive entry updates.



Windows version of Routerpassview 1.90
  1. 8.1 Skylights
most recent release:
13th of August 2023, a Friday
Sofer, Nir