PeaZip for Windows

An archive and folder coach that is available base is Peazip. It is available for use without request and as shareware.

The majority of archive formats, including popular 7z, Rar, Tar, and Zip as well as experimental ones like the Paq / Lpaq family, the most potent compressor currently on the market, can be extracted by Peazip from both the Windows and Unix worlds.

Peazip supports numerous strong encryption standards, can evaluate folder checksum and weed, and can optionally use two-factor identification( login and keyfile ) for added security.

  1. Aes256 cryptography from 7z
  2. The Aes crypto used by Zip Winzip you be decrypted using Zipcrypto for reputation compatibility and Zipwizip’s’s Amplitude crypto.
  3. This structure can also produce recovery reports to safeguard facts against problem, including Freearc’s’s Arcs Aes256, Blowfish, Twofish256 and Serpent256.
  4. Aes256 Eax-authenticated encryption, according to Pea


Peazip supports a wide range of compaction and cryptography conditions, including the fastest and least potent things, for creating archives. To bridge the gap between Gui and pc softwares, it already enables you to export position definitions as code, giving you a choice between the two.



Windows Peazip 8.9.0
  1. Windows 8.1,
  2. Windows Xp,
  3. Windows Vista,
  4. Windows 8,
  5. Windows 10.
  6. 7 Panels
most recent revision:
4 November 2023, a Friday