MyPublicWiFi for Windows


Your laptop or computer can be converted into a Wi-fi radio entry position using the straightforward and subtle Mypublicwifi use. You may stop the use of solutions like file sharing functions and limit consumer access to particular servers by using the Mypublicwifi Firewall. You can report and track every visited Url page on your virtual Wifi wifi with Mypublicwifi for added security.

Mypublicwifi is simple to set up; all you need is an 8-character passcode, and the channel you’ve’ve built or shared uses Wpa2 Encryption to guarantee protection. You have complete management over the router and is track every Url page you visit as well as archive every program action on your remote Wifi wifi. Additionally, Mypublicwifi offers you exposure to any linked clients’ Ip names, phone companies, and Mac addresses ( Media Access Control ).

You can easily share your Wifi association using Mypublicwifi in general. The application is lightweight enough to go unnoticed, and layout is straightforward.



Skylights users’ Mypublicwifi 28.2
  1. Windows 7.
  2. Windows 8,
Dialects that are available:
  1. English,
  2. German,
  3. French,
  4. Portuguese
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August 19, 2023, a Friday
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