Lens Studio for Windows

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A simple, real-time mechanism for taking quick pictures while on the go is Lens Studio. It makes it simple to make back – and back-camera glasses. Engineering lenses is quick and easy thanks to the new drag-and-drop software. With the new, simple-to-use system, users may preview their optics in 3d.

Choose your pics to import first before using Lens Studio. Choose your desired benefits or designs after choosing the background from which you want to begin. Users can change the dark vision, rely, history fuzz, or the entire image using the Lens Effects panel. Subscribers can blue-pencil brushes using the Brush Strokes button. Users can also select from 5 predefined effects, such as fog, lightweight, dust, or crosshatch, using the Effects slide. Finally, the View tab shows your current lens settings and any changes you’ve’ve made.

Material about Lens Studio is provided in the Help button, which comes last. It offers practice information, debugging advice, and step-by-step guidelines. Owners who require assistance traversing or using the many Applications can also access the program’s’s Help menu. Last but not least, customers can use the Send Feedback release to provide feedback on the program’s’s features.




For Panels, Lens Studio 1.7.1
  1. Windows 8,,
  2. Windows 7,
  3. Windows 10,
  4. Windows 8.
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