Iolo Privacy Guardian for Windows

When browsing the internet, it’s’s important to protect the privacy of your personal information and data. Info stories about data breaches and data abuse are appearing more frequently. To guarantee the ownership of your private information, Iolo Privacy Guardian uses a variety of tools.

aspects include:

  1. Score for Personal Privacy
  2. Reports
  3. Search Engine for Corporate
  4. Expansion for Privacy Guard Browser
  5. Scramble” Fingerprinting” scripts
  6. Avoid identification thieving at all costs.

Ad-trackers are prevented from subsequent and targeting you applying collected content by Iolo Privacy Guardian. The findings screen provides a detailed history of your mobile fingerprint’s’s monitoring activity.

Individual content safeguard is increasingly necessary, and Iolo Privacy Guardian offers a tough defense against probable hazards.




Windows version of Iolo Privacy Guardian
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  4. Windows Vista,
  5. Windows 8.
  6. Windows 10.
  7. Windows 7.
  8. 98 Windows
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  5. Italian,
  6. Japanese,
  7. Polish,
  8. Chinese
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