Indya OST to PST Converter for Windows

A fantastic device, Indya Ost to Pst Converter, you quickly and accurately transform one or more offline.ost docs to Outlook.pst arrangement.

Included in the main functions are:

  • either individually or collectively make documents
  • Ost docs should be converted, along with the attachments.
  • easy user layout
  • Lightweight
  • suitable with all Windows variations
  • Subscribers of all skill levels can use this request because it is so easy to use. Drag and drop your Ost files into the application, then tap make to change the output destination. Overall, the Indya Ost to Pst Converter is a small, dependable device. A fantastic option if you’re’re looking for an easy-to-use but reliable Ost to Pst converter.




    Windows 1.0.0 Pst Converter to Indya Ost
    1. Skylights 8, etc.
    2. Xp of Windows,
    3. Windows 10.
    4. , Windows 2000
    5. Using Windows 2003
    6. Windows 7,
    7. 98 Skylights,
    8. Vista Windows
    Cultures that are available:
    1. English,
    2. German,
    3. Spanish,
    4. French,
    5. Italian,
    6. Japanese,
    7. Polish,
    8. Chinese
    release test
    most recent revision:
    8th of June 2023, Friday
    Software for Indya