Icecream Image Resizer for Windows


A completely collection of quick image scaling equipment is called Icecream Image Resizer. The application allows you to resize imagery in jpg, tiff, Png, Bmp, and Tiff styles.

Main characteristics include:

  1. Cropping both vertical and horizontal picture simultaneously is made possible by the horizontal recognition system’s’s automatic application of halt image settings for vertically oriented pictures.
  1. The request enables ramping pics to fit the inserted capacities while maintaining their original aspect ratios.
  1. Buyers who are unsure of the ideal picture capacities can also benefit from specified resolutions.

You can add entire folders of images to Icecream Image Resizer by just drag them into the program’s’s glass using the drag and drop functionality.



Windows version of Icecream Image Resizer 2.12
  1. Xp of Skylights
  2. Windows 10.
  3. Windows 7, etc.
  4. Windows 8.
Languages that are available:
  1. English,
  2. Arabic,
  3. Czech,
  4. Danish,
  5. German,
  6. Greek,
  7. Spanish,
  8. Finnish,
  9. French,
  10. Italian,
  11. Japanese,
  12. Korean,
  13. Dutch,
  14. Norwegian,
  15. Polish,
  16. Portuguese,
  17. Russian,
  18. Swedish,
  19. Turkish,
  20. Chinese
most recent release:
November 8, 2023, a Tuesday
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