FonePaw HEIC Converter Free for Windows

Apple’s’s newest image format, Heif / Heic, is smaller but still produces high-quality images. Only Apple devices running the most recent ios ( 11 ) and Macos versions can use it. Alas, some older variations of mac, ios, or Panels aren’t supported.

This configuration you be recognized on Windows and viewed on any phone thanks to Fonepaw Heic Converter, an online submit converter. Insert the.heic files, then choose the output channel and great template; the system is simple. Voila! These Heif images are available as.jpg/. tiff on smartphones running Windows or Android. It’s’s really that easy.

Anyone with basic skills can use Fonepaw Heic Converter Free to convert their newly ios / Macos formatted files and view them on any supported device. However, the interface is very dated and the conversion process is simple to learn.




Independent Windows Heic Conversion 1.7.0 by Fonepaw
  1. Xp of Windows,
  2. Windows 8.1,
  3. Windows 8, etc.
  4. Windows Vista,
  5. Windows 10, etc.
  6. 7 Windows
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  1. English,
  2. German,
  3. Spanish,
  4. French,
  5. Japanese,
  6. Chinese
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November 17, 2023, a Thursday
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