CubexSoft MBOX Merger for Windows

A helpful conversion device, Cubexsoft Mbox Merger, may connect several Mpox folders into one Mbx.

Since you don’t need any special preparation to use the game, the user-friendly Gui is efficient.

You can quickly unite multiple Mbox docs using Cubexsoft Bomx Merger. You can choose to cancel any duplicate email items as well, which is obviously very nice. The process just maintains all of the email’s’s Meta attributes, format, attachments, and folder structure.


20 letters from each Mbox postbox did be combined in this preview. You must purchase the licensed version of Mbox Merger in order to merge an limitless number of files at once.

Cubexsoft Mbox Merger might be fair looking into if you only need a primary set of tools to consolidate several Microsoft Office X folders into one.



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