CloneCD for Windows


No of record safeguard, Clonecd is the ideal tool for creating standby files of your Cds of music and information. With just a few computer mouse clicks, you can record nearly any Cd using the award-winning person ui of Clonecd.

Since version 5.0, Clonecd has been able to copy Dvds as well as the majority of Dvd formats, including Dvd-r, Dvd + R / Dvd + W / R Dual Layer, and Dvd Ram. The dvds are identical copies that haven’t been compressed or modified. Keep in mind that Anydvd is already necessary to record drama Disks.

The different Safedisc 3 Copy Protection System allows Clonecd to clone Cds and dvds while additionally working with Iso and Udf files. You can make flawless 1:1 files of your priceless initial Cds using Clonecd. The Clonecd backup will sing in your car’s’s voice if your copy-protected music Cd doesn’t.


Clonecd is the best copying implementation available thanks to Slysoft’s’s combination of experience, conception, extensive experience, and direct customer communication.

A 21-day trial is available for this access.



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