Each IIoT use case has its own diverse set of requirements, but there are key capabilities and … Windows 11’s new Widgets are a personalized feed powered by artificial intelligence and Microsoft Edge. Instead of using a phone to check news, weather or notifications, now users can open their Windows 11 desktop to see a similarly curated view. Widgets offers new opportunities within Windows 11 to deliver personalized content for creators and publishers.

  • To open the Windows Snip Sketch app or snipping tool, just type “Snipping tool” into the Windows 10 Start menu.
  • Windows 10 includes DirectX 12, alongside WDDM 2.0 click this.
  • Devices not listed here may not support the latest update.

November 20, 1985Windows 1.0 and 2.0 were the first versions of Windows. These versions were just to add a visual guide to MS-DOS. The logo slightly resembles the Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 11 logo, except that the vertical lines are in different places. In the following tablature, you can see which version of Windows 10 will be upgraded when you upgrade your Windows 7/8 operating system. With the right hardware configurations, Windows 10 automatically encrypts a device, helping to keep customer data safe. A new voice application of Microsoft, that provides you a digital assistant.

How to know what windows you have? 3 Methods

Click the toggle button under Real-time protection to turn off Windows Defender Antivirus temporarily. Windows Defender should now remain disabled for as long as you don’t go into the options described above and toggle that option. Also, if you ever decide to turn the service back on, you can do that by simply enabling the option that you disabled. Assuming you modified the correct Hive or sub-key, and added the correct REG value, the reason it will not work is because Windows Defender has Tamper protection. To succeed in taking control of Defender using the Registry, you first need to disable the Tamper protection. On the left side of the Group Policy Editor window, select “Computer Configuration” and then “Administrative Templates” from the list that appears by clicking it to open it.

The cursor will change to the plus sign, just like in paint when you wanted to select a part of an image. With that cursor you can outline the area you want to screenshot. A pop-up message will show up on the bottom-corner to notify that the screenshot has been saved on the clipboard.

Use Snip & Sketch

Looking for the best alternative to Windows 10 screenshots? Game Bar is designed to record your gameplay and save it on your hard drive, but you can also use it to capture your computer screen. You can open Game Bar from the shortcut or press the hotkey Windows key + G.

As time as shown, nothing gets easier in this regard. Microsoft Defender Antivirus is the default antivirus solution of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system. It is turned on by default, unless another security solution is installed that is recognized by the operating system as such. Select the Real-time protection toggle so that it’s turned to the Off position. If a pop-up ‘window appears asking if you want to allow the app to make changes to your device, select Yes.

Software such as the aforementioned Windows PowerShell and Windows Command Prompt are pre-installed into the operating system to enable you to manage your operations remotely. Windows Server is a range of operating systems designed specifically for servers. Every Windows Server version that is released has a corresponding Windows version – the two operating systems share a code base. Very good breakdown of the ways to activate Windows 10.